“Only 34% of organisational change
initiatives are a clear success.”
Gartner 2018


For many organisations, transformation is the new normal, but only very few hit the mark. In a successful transformation, a leader’s role is to turn disparate initiatives into a focused, balanced, integrated program of change in which all elements are in harmony: strategy, structure, process, people, culture and practices.

Optimisation At Envision Partnership, our role in any transformation is to ensure focus, integration and balance, striving for maximum impact as we guide you through the management of the human element that is critical to implementation success.

Why Envision Partnership?


We are equipped with the change management tools that allow a structured but flexible approach.


Our vetted experts are capable of accelerating the successful implementation of any change initiative.


We help guide you to the desired outcome by keeping you focussed on your primary objectives.

Our 5-step approach

Defining the change: We build the case for successful and effective transformation.
Assessing the environment: We define the change approach, ensure understanding of the cultural fit, and identify potential resistance and barriers.
Planning actions holistically: We create a structured action plan inclusive of success indicators.
Developing a strategy: We draw up a reinforcement and communication plan to manage resistance, increase awareness and motivate change.
Executing focussed action: We prepare an implementation roadmap that keeps the core of the change at its heart.
Karim Mustapha
Coach Envision

“Change management starts by helping people see things from a different perspective and then backing that up with a plan and rigorous follow- through. You don’t need to have the most resources, you just need to focus and clarify what you need to achieve and then place your resources behind those plans.”

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