“The secret of my success is
that we have gone to exceptional lengths to
hire the best people in the world”
Steve Jobs


Great leaders secure a better future. Envision Partnership has a wide network of international expert consultants and experienced former business leaders across the globe to secure the ideal candidates. No skill-set is too specific, no post too difficult to fill. Applying industry best practices tailored to each organisation’s requirements, we have consistently taken every challenge in our stride to place executives in the Middle East region’s most demanding roles.

Why Envision Partnership?


At Envision, you will never receive a generic or off-the- shelf solution. We design unique, best-fit frameworks for each client.


We are deeply committed to diversity and inclusion, and will present a diverse slate of exceptional candidates that help you meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.


We take the risk out of executive and board recruitment by pre- qualifying candidates through rigorous assessment processes.

Our 3-step approach

Understanding our client: We go the extra mile to
become familiar with each organisation’s short- and
long-term strategic goals, the challenges they face
and the opportunities available to them.

Applying market knowledge: We apply proprietary
processes of evaluation — including job grading, job
description and salary benchmarking — to ensure
that a competitive reward package is offered and the
right candidate chosen for the role.

Delivering results: We employ assessment
methodology that has a proven success rate,
guaranteeing the C-level executives that will most
likely be promoted within three years.

Dr. Nairouz Bader
CEO Envision

“If the star leaders exist, we find them.
If they don’t exist, we develop them.
There’s no such thing as impossible.”

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