“If we all did the things we
are capable of, we would
astound ourselves.”
Thomas Edison


In today’s changing business environment, organisations are increasingly appreciative of the value of highly productive employees, and staff capability development has emerged as a critical enabler to drive business performance. Every day, companies set out to find new, creative ways of fast-tracking their progress. Our capability development programs offer innovative ways to accelerate the shift in capabilities while anchoring the process in the overall direction, strategy and initiatives of the organisation.

Why Envision Partnership?


We engage experts across multiple functions – including HR, marketing, sales, medical and finance – to grow your capabilities.


We deliver knowledge based on a keen understanding of leadership needs. With our experts, it’s not “training”, it’s a “learning journey”.


We respect our clients’ investment and insist on exceeding expectations. We don’t add “cost”, we add “value”.

Our 6-step approach

Understanding our client: We go the extra mile to become familiar with each organisation’s short- and long-term strategic goals, the challenges they face and the opportunities available to them.
Defining the core leadership capabilities that are essential for success
Customising the best-fit Assessment Design
Assessing both the strengths on which to capitalise and the areas that bear improvement
learnings and leadership development, in close partnership with the business, until fluency and sustainable change are achieved.
value to the ecosystem through the success and impact of the program
Senem Birim
Partner Envision

“There is no man living who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can do.”

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